Whether you’re an individual trying to enjoy your hard-earned money at the end of the tax year or have a sole proprietorship business and don’t want to waste precious time doing taxes, we can help with that. We are committed to help our clients succeed and get maximum benefits back from CRA.

Every Canadian have to file their personal tax every year. Whether you are self-employed or not, you need to pay you taxes by April 30 to avoid interest and penalties.

We are professional public accountants. We are registered with CRA and authorized to E-File return just in seconds. We also do taxes for the individuals in these situations.

  1. Self-employed
  2. Employment Expenses
  3. Moving Expenses
  4. Meals & Lodging
  5. Capital Gain or Losses
  6. Moving Expenses
  7. Farming Activities
  8. Small Business or Sole Proprietorship
  9. Rental Properties
  10. Adjustment or Amend Old Returns